About FIDE

FIDE, Investment and Exports is a private non-profit organization created in 1984 to promote investment, develop exports and work closely with the government and other private organizations to create new legislation aimed at improving the business climate in Honduras. FIDE’s mission is to promote the sustainable development of Honduras by encouraging investment and exports through steady improvements in the international competitiveness of the country and its businesses. FIDE runs a series of programs and activities to offer investors and business owners, both local and foreign, a wide range of services to develop new exports or expand existing ones, forge strategic alliances and take advantage of emerging business opportunities.

Key FIDE personnel

Teresa M. Deras (TEG)
Executive President.


Nora de Turcios (SPS)
Investment Promotion Manager.


Gracia Ramírez (TEG)


David Brizuela (TEG)
Webpage Development Hondurasinfo.


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